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TES Outcomes

  • 32% increase in CSU eligibility*
  • 21% increase in UC eligibility*
  • 36% increase in "a-g" course completion rates*

* In schools that used TES for three consecutive years.

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"Last year, we cross-checked the TES A-G data with the A-G data in our student information system.  As a result of this cross-check, we were able to identify more students who met A-G.  We were also able to identify some district systems that needed tightening up to identify students who were meeting A-G.  Our A-G rate increased by 4%."

Anne Kalisek, Ed.D. - Director, Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Palm Springs USD

“For both parents and students, knowing that the report about their college eligibility was coming from UC—not from us—was validating.”

 School Assistant Principal (Sacramento, CA)

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