For TES schools

If you are a TES administrator or account manager, this section is for you. Here you can learn about types of users and their permissions, creating user accounts, notifying users and changing users' permissions.

Types of Users

Report User: Can access reports and data for his or her assigned school(s).

Examples: Teachers, counselors and outreach program managers. Some report users need access to multiple schools.

Account Manager: Can access reports and can also create report user accounts for his or her school(s).

Examples: Head counselors, assistant principals or principals.

TES Administrator: Can access reports, create other report user accounts and can also submit transcript data files to TES and create other TES administrator users for assigned school(s).

Examples: Principals, district administrators (e.g., Director of college readiness, AVID coordinator) or administrators for the student information system.

Permissions level summary

View reports Manage users Provide data
Report user X
Account manager X X
TES administrator X X X